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Adguard Content Blocker Blocking Premium

Adguard Content Blockeris one of the most downloaded premium advertising blockers that can easily block ads anywhere on the mobile. You can customize all filters, and you can set up ad blocking for sites that you do not want to block advertising. While keeping your information safe, it protects you from advertising interference and protects you from online pursuers using built-in premium VPNs.

Block AdGuard content advertisements has the ability to block ads in premium applications and browsers. The best part of this application is that you can control almost any function. It has proven to be the most reliable advertising blocker in the Android market. However, you must purchase a premium version to use all premium features such as No Root Access and Block useful ad filters. This feature is very expensive.

Adguard Content Blocker Blocking Premium

To address this issue, we offer the AdGuard Premium ModApk, which operates 100% with all premium features unlocked. Please keep reading. Let me show you all the best ways to customize built-in filters for a better Internet surfing experience.

Adobe Content Blocker Premium APK One of the latest web development tools to filter and block annoying advertising on Android devices. Installing this application on your Android mobile device will help you browse the Internet safely. The Adguard Content Blocker Premium APK blocks all annoying ADSs and allows you to experience new web browsing on your Android phone. The app handles all configuration of your Android phone, so it’s a good idea to try it. The latest version of the Adguard Content Block with unlock functionality is now available for download from the Start Crack website.

Salient Feature

  • Block advertising wherever you can see it on your phone. Games, applications, browsers to video and audio players…
  • You don’t have to worry or worry about annoying pop-ups or banners.
  • Because your personal information is always confidential, Adguard always respects it and never steals your personal data. Adguard did this on the Home page.
  • Many ads mean that you need to download more images. When you use mobile data plans, you save a lot of traffic.
  • You can take complete control of the application. Therefore, depending on the predefined filters, you can turn different types of ads on or off.
  • In particular, the root device is not required for Adguard Premium. Adguard can be used anywhere without worrying about RAM or memory. The application is very simple at least.

The advantage of this application is that you can block advertising from anywhere on your smartphone, which means that everything doesn’t exist in your system. You still watch videos frequently on YouTube, get advertised, play games or surf the web at the same time, and it’s a tremendously annoying banner. “Adguard” blocks all filters with dozens of powerful filters that will be installed in the system code. Moreover, it also updates its dataset regularly to refresh, so advertising written in the strongest code should be guaranteed to be blocked. This has significantly improved traffic. This allows you to surf the web faster than you can see.

What’s New

  • Version 3.5 Night 7 from August 8, 2020 at least
  •  [Improvement] HTTPS filtering in Firefox Phoenix;
  •  Update [Improve] Corelibs version to 1.6.139 at least.
  •  Provides the option to disable [Fixed] fallback at least.
  •  User script with [Fixed] problem at least
  •  The Fixed filtering log does not display information about cookies at least.
  •  [Fixed] process name detection raises a scary warning in Windows security at least.


  1. Format: APK
  2. Size: 2.5 MB
  3. From
  4. Password:

How To install Adobe Content Blocking:

  • Download APK
  • On your Android phone, go to Settings > Security > Allow unknown sources.
  • Installation
  • Three complete!

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