Cryptocurrency Trading Tips and Tricks In 2021 For Beginners


Probably the best crypto trading tip and trick is the Cryptocurrency Trading Tips and Tricks. The QFL trading method is founded on the idea of buying below the base level. To know the base level or price level, you can examine the graph on your crypto trading platform and look for the price level that had been reached just before the coin price started to turn up again.

Many traders tested this powerful crypto trading strategy with a very positive result. Using this strategy, several traders have already had the chance to earn bitcoin and altcoins through the buy and sell of digital currencies.

Do you feel that the abundance of crypto trading tutorials somehow makes it more confusing and overwhelming? While every video, blog, or infographic of crypto trading on the Internet may be valuable, if you want to be a crypto trading expert, you need to create a top-notch crypto trading strategy.

1. Buy at a Price Below the Last Base Level

The QFL trading method is founded on the idea of buying below the base level. To know the base level or price level, you can examine the graph on your crypto trading platform and look for the price level that had been reached just before the coin price started to turn up again.

The concept of buying below the base level may look easy. Still, the problem lies in the method of catching the base. Can you look in front of your trading monitors 24/7 and be able to find all the drops in base levels across markets? Well, I don’t think so.

Already can be used as a QFL trading platform because of its QFL base scanner feature that automatically monitors crypto markets and spots base levels.

‍‍‍2. Buy When There is Panic in the Crypto market

One of the most valuable entry points in QFL trading is during panic sales. Panic happens when the majority of buyers and sellers in a specific coin market sell their crypto assets because of excitement and fear.
These levels are most profitable because a strong reaction from sellers during panic sales can drive the price of crypto downward which can then give you a good entry point.

‍3. Set a Target Selling Price

An ultimate crypto trading strategy requires a clear profit direction. How would you like to grow the amount of bitcoin or altcoin in your cryptocurrency wallet? Hopefully, you will not expect them to grow overnight because QFL trading is not about greed and immediate profits.

One of the basic principles of QFL trading is selling on resistance levels or the highest price level that was reached in a specific period just before the price increase stopped and started going down again. But then, there is no 100% way of knowing or predicting the resistance level in the future; that’s why it is essential to have your target selling price.

There is no need to preoccupy your mind with questions about when a specific altcoin or bitcoin price will stop rising. Once you have set a target selling price, you could then efficiently work on your strategy and make the right decisions of when to sell or buy altcoins.

4. Sell During Rebounds

If you have bought a particular digital currency at a price below the base level, it will give you a profitable advantage once the coin has bounced up. You will notice the rebound level on a crypto trading graph by observing the sharp upward price movement right after touching the base level. Rebound is basically characterized by a strong reaction from buyers, which drives the crypto price back up again.

It is advisable to watch out for large rebounds on the cryptocurrency trading chart so that you could sell at a relatively higher price and have a bigger chance for your sell orders to be filled. There is also a need to correlate such price increases with the crypto market buy and sell volumes to validate your trading decision.

‍5. Spread Out Buy and Sell Orders

To minimize your risks and increase your chances for profit, you can set buy and sell orders. This allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in increments instead of going all out at once.

Buying in increments will let you catch a lower coin price in case there comes a further drop in the crypto market. In the same way, selling in increments will allow you to make more profits. In case your coin experiences a further price increase.

Setting limit ladder orders on buying and sell orders in your chosen cryptocurrency trading platform. It Will let you buy or sell a certain digital currency at varying price points. Doing this can help you take advantage of the crypto market’s volatility. With prices often going up and down depending on different factors and circumstances.

‍6. Use QFL Base Scanner and Set Crypto Trading Alerts

It is impossible for any human being to monitor a couple of cryptocurrency trading graphs 24/7 for consecutive days. It is also impossible to work on your QFL trading strategy without using an automatic QFL base scanner successfully. This is probably one of the best crypto trading tips and tricks that you have to be aware of.

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