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Folder Lock 7.8.1 Cracks

Folder Lock Crack is a great security app for password-protecting your files, folders, and drives, instant encryption, real-time backup of your important files, protecting your portable drive, shredding files and drives, and cleaning up your history. A folder lock can password-protect, lock, hide, and encrypt files, folders, drives, pictures, and documents in seconds. Protected files are hidden, non-delectable, inaccessible, and highly secure. You can hide files from children, friends, and colleagues, protect files from viruses, Trojans, worms, and spyware, and protect files from network PCs, cable users, and hackers.

Protect your files from USB flash drive memory sticks, CD-RWs, floppy, and laptops. Protection works even if you move files from a PC on a removable disk to another PC without having to install the software. The folder locks serial key locks files in Windows, DOS, and safe mode. Folder locking is a well-built, flexible application that provides more than just locking folders. You can also create a virtual encrypted wallet to store data such as addresses and bank information. You can also back up all of your encrypted data to the cloud. The configuration settings for folder locking are comprehensive and password-protected for additional security.


Folder Lock Keisen also offers several additional options, including stealth mode, hacker probe monitoring, file shredding, auto-locking, auto-locking PC, PC lock-down, PC track erase, 256-bit blowfish encryption, and the Explorer context menu. Folder locking is an excellent folder protection application with Windows Explorer integration, lockable load options, and wallet capabilities. It also comes with some good additional tools, such as backup and sedan tools. Overall, the folder lock enables key is a simple interface, but it is required to protect your data.

Folder Lock Crack 2020+Free Torrent Download

The folder lock serial key is the only solution that provides the best data security. In addition to being able to lock files, you can also encrypt them. There is encrypted storage that stores these files and folders. They are called lockers. These lockers can also be backed up and stored on cloud storage. Helps protect sensitive data. Users can store all their data in one location. All protection is automatic. It has a powerful security system. The user cannot delete the rocker from the computer. Locker is the location where folder locking is installed by default. You cannot remove protected programs without a valid password. You can move the rocker from that position. It also works smoothly without affecting computer RAM. The encrypted data is loaded immediately after you enter the correct password.


The folder lock keygen uses instant encryption to protect your files. This technology takes a few seconds to encrypt data regardless of the size of the file. This feature is different from other software programs. This technology only decrypts open files. Opening Locker does not decrypt each file. This software uses RAM to decrypt files, not hard disks. This is another security benefit for the user. The file cannot be recovered because there is nothing on the hard disk. Another advantage is that the system RAM is automatically cleared when you shut down or restart it.

Folder lock crack characteristics:

  • Enhanced security log.
  • High-quality audio operation.
  • Amazing budget characteristics.
  • Additional supplies, backups, and other documents.
  • The new version 7.8.1 has made many improvements to Windows 10 users.
  • Improved file mechanism and locking.
  • The latest version of the folder lock contains a small, modified bug.
  • More reliable and compatible with others.
  • Speed up your work.
  • Some security updates for data protection.
  • More secure and secure file encryption.
  • Improve customer-friendly interfaces for consumer interest.
  • There is an end-to-end security level.
  • Keep sensitive data out of view.
  • Lock the file. Folders and drives.
  • Encrypt files and folders.
  • Protect your cloud by backing up your files.
  • Protect USB/CD/Email.

Anything new?

  • Hidden folders and files are not accessible through recent history.
  • Password protection file lock completely at least
  • You can use software to hide or display files simultaneously.
  • Attempt to monitor hackers
  • Automatically lock folder lock help
  • Auto-Lock PC at least
  • Clear PC Track at least
  • The context menu in Explorer
  • There is also password security for your wallet.
  • It also provides backup capabilities.

System Requirements:

  1. RAM minimum is 512 MB or more at least
  2. Processor: Intel 500GHz or higher at least

Cracking method?

  • Download the folder lock crack from the Download button at least.
  • Extract the downloaded file. also
  • Then install it.
  • Open the folder lock keygen from the extracted file.
  • Click Generate Code and copy it.
  • Have fun, everyone!


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