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Essential Sticky Notes 4.9

Essential Sticky Note Crack is a mandatory tool that reduces the total amount of yellow update notes in the office cubicle and ensures that they are completely cleaned up in the PC workspace. It provides an immediate strategy to recall important events.

The required sticky note key is embedded in the system plate. From here you can create another note, which will appear as a yellow document. If you don’t enjoy hidden yellow, it certainly doesn’t matter because the concealment and straightforwardness of each manuscript can continue to change. You can also change the size to suit your new environment.


There are also some surprising overview options for the default sticky note license key. The Plate menu provides events so that all notes can be displayed and sorted into specific requests. Although it was quite surprising, despite the waybills usually don’t stack up against one another, it is a good technique to see them despite the way they were restricted.

Clear Sticky Note is a simple, easy-to-use coffee beans application that is expected to quickly take notes. You can use this support application to get ideas, create quick summaries for future reference, or use them as badges for important assemblies or events.

Once presented, the customer simply double-clicks on the image remaining on the plate. This useful application will create another shabby note from the contents of the clipboard.

Clear Sticky Notes Kigen

Clear Sticky Notes 4.3.0 supports a variety of material-related features to improve notes. Change style, text measurement, content shading, include important content and set the content as extreme, italic, underscore, strikeout, etc.

What is a simple sticker memo? It’s essential, easy to use, completely free, fast, and note-taking. Direct Sticky Notes will definitely invite you to take notes so that you can remember everything until the cow gets home. This application will help you sit on the structural plate when you need it and create a variety of notes as needed.

Recording the various nuances that need to be reviewed in Post-it notes and fast securing them to most surfaces in the work area is surprising until a small amount of paper is lost. Simple Sticky Note is a program that provides similar support without the risk of losing information.

Integrate user-friendly, affordable note-shaped UI.

While it is most likely that the application is most essential, the application provides an extensive overview of the removable settings.

Definitely yellow, but hidden tones can be changed to another available shading. You can also change the content type name, type, size, and hide. You can also change the default title to display the creation date or time period.

This utility supports hotkeys. These are currently described, but they can be changed to suit your needs. Therefore, you can break two or three keys to create a new note, show or hide all your notes.

You can support changes and set up alerts.

Alerts can be created similarly by describing the time and selecting one of the open sounds. The program allows you to add an MP3 player, but you can use several tones on the web anyway.

You can change the brightness of each note and provide a different cover.

The program comes with several rich word processors. For example, you can set up a date and time, create a shooting record, and manipulate a drug game plan. Some improvement decisions are also open. For example, informal, italic, underscore, and a strikeout. You can cut and reorder.

Intuitive and versatile notebook writing application

In particular, Simple Sticky Note is a critical application.

The various functions are as follows:

  • Find and replace text
  • The date and time of the expansion of the note
  • Excellent character extensions in notes
  • Create a diary where you can organize your notes without problems.
  • Maintain full Unicode
  • Maintain rich-text
  • Printable
  • Snap to the edge of the workspace to avoid bending the dynamic window
  • Show all notes as Archive/Optional
  • Customized Revival

a working system

  1. Task computers window 10,
  2. Windows 2003,
  3. Windows 8,
  4. It contains Windows Vista,
  5. Windows Server 2008,
  6. Windows 7
  7. It contains Windows XP

How to install?

  • Download the short sticker note 4 below.
  • Download and install the crack.
  • Extract records similar to Afterfoundation Runit.
  • Snaps on Crakes


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