Squid Game cryptocurrency soars 2300% in first few days


If you’re a fan of the popular Korean Netflix show Squid Game cryptocurrency, well, there is a cryptocurrency. Squad, which was trading close to 1 cent on Tuesday. Hit $ 2.34 (£ 1.70) on Friday, a jump more than twenty times. Its market capitalization, or total market volume, is $ 184 million (£ 133 million).

The Dystopian series, which tells the story of a group of people forced to play. Deadly childhood games for money, have become a viral sensation.

Squid is what is known as a play-to-win cryptocurrency. Where people buy tokens to play online games where they can win more tokens. They can then be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies or fiat money.

In Squid’s case, there will be plenty of gamers buyers who would like to play. The show’s online game starts in November.

According to the platform’s white paper, the more people participate, the higher the prize pool (sic). Indicating that developers will charge 10% of the entry fee.

More importantly, we do not provide seemingly fatal results!

Round 1 – Playing with the red light and the green light will cost a player, 456 squads. Making a total of six rounds more expensive.

This cryptocurrency is part of a long and growing list of digital coins and tokens. That supports random memes or cultural phenomena. Cornell University economist Ishwar Prasad told the BBC.

It’s worth noting that many of these currencies catch up with investors quickly, leading to skyrocketing prices. Mindless retail investors falling prey to such speculation. They have a lot to lose.

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Play to win: the future of video games?

Play-to-win games have become increasingly popular during the epidemic. As the rise of online gaming has encouraged the development of stationary games technology. That combines entertainment with real money-making tools.

Metaverse is expected to help the sector continue to grow.

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  • Chinese viewers criticized the “copycat” squid game show.

These are not the only cryptocurrency traders who have taken advantage of the popularity of squid games.

Following the show’s launch, Netflix subscriptions skyrocketed. It cost around £ 900 million for the streaming giant. Which cost just .4 21.4 million to build.

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